$1.5M Meltwater Champions Chess Tour: FTX Crypto Cup | Finals Day 2 | Peter Leko & Tania Sachdev

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen & 15 more elite players compete in the FTX Cryptop Cup, the 6th event on the $1.5 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. GM Peter Leko and IM Tania Sachdev commentate live on Day 2 of the Finals. Watch the games:

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  1. I love watching every single game Peter and Tania commentate. The speed at which Peter is able to highlight the board and show plans, switching back/forth as they discuss lines…. just amazing and perfect. It makes the game that much more interactive and easy to follow. This is by far the best duo, please keep them for all future commentaries, I can watch them all day! Thanks, @chess24!

  2. Tania's commentary is pretty bad. Interrupting constantly with unimportant lines or just repeating what Peter already said.

  3. Meltwater is such a garbage company, at least the Miami division. Good to see they're doing something productive with their money.

  4. big congrats to both Magnus and Wesley from giving us one of the best finals! Top level chess! All the best to both.

  5. Thanks to Tania and Peter for your excellent coverage; I have learned a lot from you guys, and congratulations to Carlsen and So for such an outstanding performance.

  6. What a fuckinggodman rollecoaster of emotions! Magnus breake the curse, never understimate the heart of a champion. But still a great final by Wesley, litterally on the verge to win. One of the best tournament so far!

  7. Peter Lesko and Tania Such a Deva have become the two best chess commentators in the world. Thank you for your analysis and intuitive insight. Brilliant bravo 👏!!

  8. "Thank the Lord Jesus for letting me play so well…" seriously? How can someone with such strong mental powers of logic and reasoning possibly believe in God and attribute the results of all his hard work to a supernatural power for which there is zero evidence? Amazing to think that Wesley actually believes that God is controlling both the way he plays and the outcome of the match/tournament. Totally nuts.

  9. Fantastic tournament! Congrats to Magnus, massive respect to Wesley and thanks to Tania and Peter for your excellent coverage

  10. The level of International Chess is really high at this time. There has never been so many good players the top 15 players in the world are amazing players.

  11. Congrats magnus&wesley!
    For me,you both winner!!!
    Thank you for inspiring us!
    Godbless us all😇😊

  12. Thanks to Tania, Peter, and the team for excellent coverage of this event, plus the reason he changed into a tshirt may be the temperature was nearly 30 degrees at his location.

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