$1.6M MCCT | Aimchess US Rapid | Day 1 | D. Howell, J. Houska & K. Snare

16 elite players compete in the Aimchess US Rapid, the 9th event on the $1.6 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. GM David Howell, IM Jovanka Houska and Kaja Snare commentate live on Day 1. Watch the games:

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  1. You are doing so great, and I Love watching your broadcasts 👍👍 Wish you go one for ever, or at least very very very … long time 😊😊

  2. but why does Kaja play the bimbo?
    I know that she is much smarter and knowledgeable then she pretends!
    makes me sad, that she puts her self in the role 🙁
    I am aware that she has that role to pickup newbies, but please without degradation. It is so 1950s 🙁

  3. I loved Narodistky gesture of appreciating magnus in the last game.Gonna follow him from now.Didn't knew him earlier

  4. I can’t stand how they say, “I’ll push the pawn one square in front of the rook instead of a3.” Their analysis takes so long because they don’t use notation, so there isn’t as much content. It seems like they’re catering to 1000 rated people or lower.

  5. So there are 2 commentary teams (Sachdev, Ganguly), (Howell, Houska, Snare) going simultaneously on this event? One of the first tournaments I've tuned into and its amazing!

  6. Maybe Magnus happily goes into level endgames more often than Wesley? Maybe Wesley often has an advantage when he gets to an endgame? Maybe those stats are dumb?!

  7. I wanna see more of naroditsky, alireza, and hansen in future tournaments. Really interesting seeing how they fare against the best

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