1 Chess Game. 10 Queen Blunders.


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  1. After 9 moves and 4 minutes of mostly sensible moves (except 3…. e5 which is not horrific). Like a good psychological thriller, my brain was almost paralysed with the imagination and anticipation of the horror that would befall it, as the suspense mounted. At this point the tension is palpable.

  2. out of experience, there are 2 types of 700s, super GMs in disguise which is what o face and then we have 700s on Levy's channel, and clearly one of the 2 are paid actors

  3. This video: 1 game. 10 Queen Blunders.
    My chess skills: Look at what they need to mimic a fraction of our power!

  4. They knew that exchanging queen will result in a draw, that's why they chose to keep their queens on the board.

  5. i dont understand where you find those people ive been playing and learning actively for to months now. im close to 500 and rarely play against people that ever do anything weird at all. most of the time they are pretty good even at 300

  6. What were these players thinking? I'll tell you what they were thinking! They were thinking: "DUHHHHH! I'M A CHESS GENIUS! DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

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