10 Chess Tips To CRUSH Everyone

10 Chess Tips to improve, for beginners, intermediate, advanced players, even Grandmasters!

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0:00 Intro
0:51 Q1: Plans with Openings
4:30 Q2: Plans with Imbalances
11:35 Q3: Opponents Mistakes
15:17 Q4: Positional Chess
19:45 Q5: How To Attack
26:13 Q6 and 7: Passive Play
32:34 Q8: Closed Position
37:32 Q9: Learning Openings

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  1. Hi! In 38:25 you say, one should study every opening in several 100s of games. So how many games per day would make sense to progress? I play one game each day, so for me it would be years, but thats ok.

  2. Really insightful. this video has made me realize that I am no longer going to play check late at night. I keep making tired mistakes and then it's pointless because I can't learn from that.

  3. You said something very interesting at 29:00 that at the 1800 level you need to know the moves, you memorize. So at what level does chess stop being about calculating and start being about memory?

  4. Me: looks at levy in hoodie
    Also me: I want to get better at chess and I look at title
    When I press vid

  5. I’m an 1100 and just beat a 2200 today and a 1500 thanks to this man and watching everyone of his videos to the end.

  6. You are as good a chess communicator as my great mentor Bent Larsen was. Greetings from Denmark.

  7. I had a question…. So how do you stop opponent pieces from coming into your territory? like a6 and h6 are great but like the kings pawn is really weak so what do we do in defense?

  8. Amazing holistic advices. I'm trying to get better while keeping my play organic and this really helped, thanks

  9. Making plans? That is simple… aim for the opponent's king. You don't need to think of anything else really. If you can checkmate before your opponent checkmates you that is all you need.

  10. "there's no better feeling than winning a game of chess.

    I mean…… like… maybe there's some pHySiCal feelings bUt BUT EUGSHSHG"

  11. This is amazing! I will probably have to watch this a few dozen times or so… I do not have these principles down, but I hope to eventually.

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