18 Year Old Genius Plays Evans Gambit on GM Hikaru! Novice Noah vs GM Hikaru

Gotta have balls to bust out the Evans Gambit on GM Hikaru!
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  1. This is exactly how I play the Evans Gambit. Blitz until b4, and then start to wonder why all the YouTube videos made it look so easy for white.

  2. The people at that club should have been quiet and let the kid think. People chirping who are jealous of the kids skills, that pisses me off. Hes going to loose either way, but have some class. Good on you young man I would have been scared to death

  3. There is a saying in chess ‘don’t play the pieces play the board’. You could also say, don’t play the ‘players’, play the board. Who cares if this is a ‘genius’, ‘amateur’ or ‘famous GM’. Was it a good game?

    Answer: No. white’s knight and rook on the Q side never got into the game. The young man thought he was going to blitz his opponent with half an army. Improper development. Lousy play.


  4. Can someone explain to me why he cant take the pawn after the knight took the queen after the queen trade?

  5. For sure he’s a poker player lol. You play with your chips to focus away from your facial expressions and to annoy/impress other players with your shuffling. He’s doing the same to chess players to reduce their focus haha

  6. What would be a better move? "Yes…"
    I like the "Yes" as it makes me feel like I found the move even though I rarely do 😁

  7. Hikaru is a class act. He's so good on coffee chess. It's great when someone with his skills takes time to promote the sport.

  8. I love how is Boston mike staring at the game. He look like the old style bodyguard of cosanostra

  9. When the enemy is at the castle, it's dangerous to send the queen off on a lonely errand.

  10. I'm partway through and waiting for the Rare moment when Hikaru actually hesitates instead of making an immediate countermove.

  11. Noah’s playing not strong player man in his first game, if the guy’s strong Noah is no door. Cocky young player

  12. Hikaru is amazing, but accuse GM LPSupi of using engine just because he beated you 4x is not cool. 👎

  13. btw 6:24 starts Hikaru game. When he did bxc5 I was like noooo he can check you first and take the knight and then the bishop!

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