2 Chess Cheaters BATTLE TO DEATH

Cheating is a thing in chess, so I forced two of them to battle.

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  1. Imagine being an AI developer and you have a school project to program chess AI and you go online to test it and get banned. And then get put on the spot by gotham.

  2. i feel like white could have taken that pawn on h6 after that check, as we saw later, a queen and a bishop cannot make mate without a waiting move which would be easy with the king alone, but here, black actually has 3 pawns and a queen. on that waiting moment for white, black can just check and force things with the pawns.

  3. Loll in the match he had a mate in 3 forced lol if he wasn’t using the engine white g3 by pawn he takes move the room to g4 and it’s a mate

  4. Who are you to call someone a cheater?? This video is not even convincing. Your a** should be sued at some point as you are bashing at people without real evidence and with the sole purpose of making money out of it.

  5. Man, that Kh4 was hilarious ;D "What kind of human plays Kh4?" Can these players "jump in" and offer a draw or do they just set the engine depth and let bots play even if it takes 300 moves for two kings to be left alone on the board?

  6. What I don't understand is why don't cheaters cheat in a more silent way…? like if I was to cheat I would rather turn on the engine only once or twice a game for a few moves, for instance when I feel like there's a tactic, win material with it, and then return to normal playing. I'm not gonna do it ofc and I also don't wanna give anyone bad ideas, but I wonder: how do you spot those cheaters? Are they already there…?

  7. I used to cheat when I just started. It was always because I got mad because I was getting emberassed so I used the engine to try to get back in the game.

    I'm glad I didn't cheat on my current account. Haven't cheated in years, but would suck to get banned for my old sins.

    Ultimately cheating is useless. You don't learn, you Dont feel excited… It turns chess into an idle game.

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