2 World Champions. NO CASTLING!

The Dortmund Chess No Castling Masters with Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik, an interesting new chess variant.

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  1. Non castling engine games are just as drawish, probably because it only changes some short-term tactics and engines never blunder that. A human on the other hand can very well mess it up.

  2. शेर कितना भी बुढा हो जाय शिकार करना नाही भुलता

  3. Dude Bomgcloud OP. Hikaru has been training for the no castling championship for years and we didn't even know. He's so galaxy brain that his ability to see a million moves ahead applies in real life too

  4. Hey, Gotham I love your chess videos. I am practising the chess from your channel. And your replays are awesome.😊😊

  5. I know its silly, but if you use your left arrow key to continueously Restart the video Levy is gona say che che che che che che che ina very funny way

  6. Hey Gotham would you ever consider making another channel for vlogs or gaming or something along those lines?

    Oh!!! And to all those peeps "🤢🤢🤮🤮🤢 *Bunchofpissants…"
    Lol the dps 🤣 triggered

  8. this video was the perfect length of time for after shower breakfast before work and a cup of coffee. I loved this thanks a bunch.

  9. I dont think removing castling makes chess more interesting. What it does is make the competition more interesting. the best players will not be those with book smarts and opening memorizations. The best players become those with better intuition, adaptation, and improvization.

  10. Oh, at the end I just realized that NC = No castling. I just thought they didn’t castle because it wasn’t the best move.

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