2021 Croatia Grand Chess Tour: Day 4

The second Croatia Grand Chess Tour is a rapid and blitz tournament and the third stop on the 2021 Tour. Eleven players compete in nine rounds of rapid chess and 18 rounds of blitz chess, live from the National and University Library in Zagreb. Today has nine blitz rounds. Join GMs Cristian Chirila, Yasser Seirawan, and Maurice Ashley for the move-by-move.



  1. Duda wins against Mamedyarov . The young generation are good in blitz but Duda against Mamedyarov in rapid , Duda has no chance and none of these young generation players who win against Garry will stand a chance against him in a long time match

  2. Yes, Garry lost in 7 moves, but cmon, he's well past his time. We all still have a lot of respect for you Garry!

  3. I wonder what are your guesses for the blitz day two…will Garry do better or get no points at all?

  4. I'm really glad to see MVL come back like this. He's one of my favorite players creatively. I also love Nepo too tho and happy to see him so well.

  5. They should have a tournament for great old vets like kasparov, gelfand, kramnik, ivanchuk, polar, …

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