2021 Croatia Grand Chess Tour: Day 5

The second Croatia Grand Chess Tour is a rapid and blitz tournament and the third stop on the 2021 Tour. Eleven players compete in nine rounds of rapid chess and 18 rounds of blitz chess, live from the National and University Library in Zagreb. Today has nine blitz rounds. Join GMs Cristian Chirila, Yasser Seirawan, and Maurice Ashley for the move-by-move.



  1. Vishy can beat anyone even at the age of 80 if he chooses to keep playing even upto a ripe old age.

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  3. Why is Yasser always so exuberantly happy (the emotional antipode of Jan Gustafsson)? Is he probably strolling down memory lane and recalling the many fulfilling moments in his life? For example, when he beat a young German IM (back in the eighties in Lugano) and then – for good measure – borrowed the poor kid's girlfriend for a while or two…

  4. Even after such a tournament Kasparov still believes he'll do well in saint Louis. This confidence is what makes a champion and a legend. I really hope he does well there as it's tough to see our champion do bad..

  5. Chess is really different, with all the live coverage of the tournament. SLC have less view than Chessbase India 🤷. I mean it's ridiculous 🤦.

  6. Vishy and Kasparov both are legends
    Vishy is greatest of all time because of his character ! ❤

  7. Kasparov has more imagination and chess talent in his pinky finger than anand and was a far superior world champion, however blitz has never been his strength as was readily apparent in this event.

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