2021 Sinquefield Cup: Round 3

The eighth Sinquefield Cup is the fifth and final leg of the 2021 Grand Chess Tour. Ten of the world’s best compete in classical chess, live from the Saint Louis Chess Club. Join GMs Alejandro Ramirez, Yasser Seirawan, and Maurice Ashley for the move-by-move.

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  1. That intermezzo in the parc was great as well. Especially Yasser contributing a lot from the old world of chess. But in many positions still able to keep up with the players today. I feel some of them would not have an easy task against him.

  2. 5:06:03 one of the most special moments in chess interviews. Amazing depth by Mamanyerov. And warmly applauded by a trio of GM commentators.

    What an entertaining and well presented chess tournament.

  3. This team does such a great job of making chess exciting and accessible to the layman. For example, they discuss how far ahead the computers have become at 3:28:50 because it discovered the insane Nd4 and how impossible it is for humans to conceive of that. And then Shak comes along at 5:06:10 and states that exact line much to their astonishment and applause. Very nice stuff.

  4. There they sit with muzzles, face diapers, and take themselves voluntarily the oxygen without reason. Saying "yes" to all that's done to us all, including children. Everyone who lets this happen unchallenged and even participates, is not only stupid, but complicit!
    Society in the age of the fools and the evil.

  5. Thank you Yasser, Alejandro, Maurice and team for the continued excellent coverage. Always entertaining and enlightening and the confessional is a fantastic idea! Keep it up, and come on Shak!!

  6. Not really a big fan of Jen, but she seems to have brought out a better Yasser, one who's a bit more focused, elegant, and scholarly. This broadcast with Alejandro is like watching dudes drinking beer talking about chess on Twitch. And please tell Alejandro to stop saying "Oooooooooohhhh". Yasser then joins him with "Aaaahhhhhhhhh", and then they both sound like dorks. Tell Yasser to leave his Brah in Canada.

  7. Amazing coverage. Fabi is so handsome (and a pure genius), Wesley is super strong and nice (as usual), and Maxime and Shakhriar's calculations are astonishing

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