2021 U.S. Chess Championships: Round 3

Twelve of the country’s strongest players battle for the national title and $194,000 in a round robin event. Plus, the U.S. Women’s title is decided in an identical format with $100,000 at stake. Join GMs Cristian Chirila, Yasser Seirawan, and Maurice Ashley for the move-by-move.



  1. Yasser says Tilburg @51:35. I couldn’t help but laugh because every time Danya does an impersonation of Yasser he always says Tilburg haha. Danya is the best lol.

  2. I enjoy the telecast, the analysis, the stories by GM Yasser, but will someone in that studio turn up his mike. Whether it's my phone or laptop I can barely hear the man!!!

  3. The support that chess is receiving in the USA is incredible, although I see that online chess has helped a lot worldwide and so we can see several of the best chess players in the world in a national tournament in the USA

  4. Best Chess Subliminal music on the planet! Usually listen to some of the older sinquefield cup music and this before playing chess.

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