21 Year Old Trash Talker Delivers Huge Attack On Chess Master! Kaiski vs FM Mark The Duck

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There’s a lot of pressure on that square!


  1. How does Kai get a title? Is he rated high enough? Just learning the game trying to figure out how to get NM, IM, GM, etc

  2. My 'mystery' move was d4 blocking the white queen.
    If exd4 then Bd5 Nf6+ Kf7 Nxd5 exd5 keeping the queen blocked
    If Qxd4 then Rc1+ and game over
    I haven't gone through all the lines in my head so I'm sure I've missed something.

  3. kai salty af and i like the dude man wth lighten up. maybe he got some personal stuff going on who knows

  4. I don’t like this kid. I find him disrespectful. Most videos I see with him in it i find hard to get thru.

  5. fm duck with his VERTIGINOUSLY REDICULOUS hat……he looks sooooooo stupiiidd, but he would ve wopped the floor with me in evry game ive have played against him….i give him tht!

  6. would you guys recommend the cronos gx (button) clock more than the ZMF one shown in the video? I'm having a tough time choosing since they are in the same price range.

  7. Kai needs to chill.

    He’s improving and I know that TRASHTALK is common at Coffe Chess,
    but you guys also need to teach all youngsters redline.

    with glory often comes arrogance, that’s not the way.
    He needs to watch out, to not enter the dark side of the force.

    Mark is a MASTER, always gentle and he’s an adult.

    Teach the younglings about R E S P E C T.

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