5 Most ANNOYING Chess Openings

5 Chess Openings I HATE: London, Benko, Ruy Lopez, Catalan, and SemiSlav.
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0:00 Intro
1:49 Opening 1 – LONDON
9:22 Opening 2 – CATALAN
15:15 Opening 3 – Ruy Lopez
20:15 Opening 4 – Benko
26:40 Opening 5 – Semislav

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  1. With due all respect levy your perspective is intermediate and not professional before anyone get fooled

  2. I hate the dutch, the bird, the weird sidelines, the weird gambits and the austrian attack. God I hate the austrian attack.

  3. I used to be intimidated by the theory of Ruy Lopez as white, playing Vienna (migrated from King's Gambit) or Italian. Then at 1900 I just started playing it with no theory beyond vague recollections of GM games and was performing better.

  4. These openings: exist

    Levy: "London? More like Lon-don't. Benko can Ben-go. Ruy Lopez is Ruy annoying. Catalan should be Cata-banned. Semi-Slav gets a fully nah from me."

  5. What’s your opinion on going into the Old Benoni to stop chances of the London immediately for the intermediate level?

  6. this has nothing to do with this video, but please be orignial with your ideals and thoughts. be someone.not just a follower

  7. While I love your honest enthusiasm for all things chess, it might very well be the thing that destroys your hope of becoming a Grandmaster. A little less honesty might be beneficial.

  8. For me the Alekhine Defense is the most annoying chess opening. Black brings out the knight. I develop my pawns while chasing the knight all over the board. Yet a few moves later, my pawn structure is falling apart and my king is hanging onto dear life.

  9. 16:25 "So many…" continuations after 1 e4 e5. Granted. But aren't there also lots after 1 e4 c5? And I thought that's why you tell beginners not to play the Sicilian. And if someone doesn't like learning openings, then perhaps chess beyond beginner level isn't the right game for them.

  10. Gotham, I love the NYC coffee cup with a lovely bouquet of cash in your background! … Where'd ya get it?

  11. These include 3 of my favorite 5 openings. I didn't think they were annoying, I just thought they were good.

  12. I find the petroff quite annoying as Well when I play 1.e4 as White. Even IF you play the nimzo (Nc3) to create some inbalances it's Still very simetrycal and kinda Hard to create some attack.

  13. I am totally guilty of this, lol. I started playing the London because of you recommending it in videos. So it's your own fault 😁

  14. Something about Levi was bugging me the whole video. I finally found the extreme evidence of sleep deprivation.

  15. I cant quite put my finger on it by Levy is like…the least "youtube persona" i've seen him ever be in this video.

    I only notice because its missing. Anyone else catch that?

  16. I love how there are so many complicated openings but, as white, I will nearly only play the scotch

  17. The five openings I hate seeing the most are the London, the Four Knights, the French, the Hyperaccelerated Dragon and Torre Attack/Trompowsky

  18. The reason why I love the Ruy Lopez is because when I started playing I fell for a bunch of traps in my "metagame" and the Ruy Lopez opening pretty much ruined all of them so I didn't "study" the Ruy Lopez, it kinda chose me. As a black player I often play the Traxler so it's not like I chose it, I just got hit with the Fried Liver out of the Italian so much I wanted to not prevent it, but counter it.

    I suppose there's a few reasons to learn openings, you might just like them, maybe your favorite player plays them, maybe your teacher says it's good or same case as me, it just demolishes your peers. Hope it makes sense and offers some insight as why people pick their openings, Levi.

  19. Ruy Lopez exchange has me winning after months of mediocrity at intermediate, I don't mind it all especially as white.

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