$500 Chess Set vs $1,000,000 Chess Piece

Hikaru reacts to Business Insider’s Why Championship Chess Sets Are So Expensive video and the 1 Million Dollar Lewis Chessman Chess piece

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  1. I think the flat chess pieces are the most error-proof. All pieces are so easily distinguishable and they don't fall over.

  2. 0:06 I agree with his reaction lmao we used to play chess with just bottle caps with letters on them and we somehow made it to the ranks back in the days

  3. Did anyone notice the bizarre way the narrator would drop the t in Staunton? She would say "Staun'on". There was another word as well but I can't be bothered watching again to find out.

  4. If the guy who took 5-6 years to learn how to carve a knight had spent the time becoming a decent chess player he would probably be making more money as a chess coach.

  5. You know, you could definitely program a robotic arm to make that knight exactly the same every time… it'd cost stupid money at first, but you don't really need to spend any more after that except on maintenance and tool maintenance.

  6. So nice to know that the reason for losing a game is not because your made the wrong decisions playing the game. But because one piece was not perfectly carved.

  7. Yeah, well, considering I can just 3d print a perfectly symmetrical chess set, it's sad how this kind of technology makes master carvers obsolete; yet it also bolsters how unique a skilled carver is, and it's a talent that I am afraid will die out in a world where people prefer shortcuts that produce results over night instead of developing a skill over a length of time.

  8. Hikaru complains about the quality of furniture dying these days but doesn't own a Championship Chess Set.

  9. I have played with a set where the pawns looked almost identical to the bishops. There were a few mistakes made because of that.

  10. To be fair if you were playing like a minute blitz tournament I guess it could actually effect the game quite a bit, also Hikaru a cm is a big difference lmao, a mm would be a better example

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