6 Best Chess Opening Traps after 1.e4 | Part-2

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will be showing you the 6 best chess opening traps after 1.e4. The traps are from several openings, including the Caro-Kann Defense, the French Defense, the Philidor Defense, and the Scandinavian Defense.

► Chapters

00:00 Introduction
00:08 Trap-1 from Caro-Kann
03:12 Trap-2 from French Defense
04:04 Trap-3 from French Defense
06:12 Trap-4 from 1.e4 e5
08:21 Opening Repertoire for Black
09:09 Trap-5 from Philidor Defense
11:51 Trap-6 from Scandinavian Defense

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The King’s Pawn Opening 1.e4 is the most popular first move in chess. The chances are, you’ll see 1.e4 in nearly half of your games with Black! Sure, you can respond with 1…e5, Sicilian, Caro-Kann, or French… but learning all these lines and variations would turn out very time consuming and tedious.

Moreover, the club-level players and amateur players are aware of the popular openings and the mainlines. They are totally unfamiliar with sidelines and tricky variations – that’s a great opportunity for you.

“Fighting 1.e4 – The Complete Repertoire for Black” has a ‘heavy’ emphasis on practicality and simplicity. It includes not one, but 2 complete repertoires for Black that focus on practicality rather than memorization of long main variations.

💡 Study the complete course “Fighting 1.e4 – The Complete Repertoire for Black”. Use coupon “fight50” and get 50% OFF (till 28 July) –

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  1. I don't think Trap 4 really works. If black defends with 6. …Kh6, 7 Bxh6…0-0. By castling the mating threat on f7 is averted.

  2. new subscriber, you are very well trainer/teacher/player, great exploration of many traps & tricks……thx bro Smirnov

  3. fantastic videos guys thanks you. For the trap at the end of the video, in the Scandinavian, I think it's a line which traps the queen by going : 1.Nb5 attacks the queen and denies it the b7 square, …Qb6 forced. 2.Ba5 Qxa5 , 3.Nd6+ Kd8, Nxb7+ wins the queen ?

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