7 BEST Queen Sacrifices In Chess History!

7 Queen Sacrifices by Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Tal, Nezhmetdinov, Vassily Ivanchuk and Hikaru Nakamura.

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Mikhail Tal
4:24 Nezhmetdinov
8:35 Vassily Ivanchuk
12:04 Hikaru Nakamura
14:42 Bobby Fischer
18:28 Kasparov
22:22 Magnus Carlsen

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  1. i sacrifice rook for a pawn in a position with 2 pawns less to he eat, I attack the knight and king, and when he move king it is mate in 16 to he but he moved king to other place, and then mate in 1.

  2. When Levy says never resign:
    I lose my queen
    I watch this video
    I "sacrificed" my queen
    I don't resign
    I draw!

  3. I already sacrificed my queen Before I signed in in lichess or it would be a brilliant move (I took a pawn btw it's a losing endgame And the oppenent resign but I am now signed in!

  4. Clicked on the video to check if Ivanchuk was in. I'm glad it was because otherwise I would have been disappointed words.

  5. I once had a game where I sacrifice my Queen to remove they Bishop from protecting they Rook and I back rank mate my opponent… The guy was so happy after he takes my Queen only to be instantly disappoint 1 second after that

  6. Finaly Tall and best Im of all times Rashid Nezmedinov he dont get gm title bcs he was not in comunist party

  7. Slow down there young whippersnapper! At 8:24
    "two pawn islands"??
    No, theres 4 isolated pawns! My understanding of the definition of a "pawn
    island" is 2 or more pawns adjacent to each other. Slow down a bit! You think faster than your tongues ability to convey then information sometimes and it comes out something like

    Nothing wrong with relaxed enthusiasm! You come across more like the GM you want to be that way.

  8. I you translate from Serbian names of the pieces to English, this is how we call them:
    The Pawn – The Pedestrian
    The Bishop – The Hunter
    The Knight – The Horse
    The Rook – The Cannon

  9. No not even close I completely disagree with no 1… Is just a forced mate. OK rapid chess but still mate in 2!

  10. Fun Fact:- In Gelfand vs Nakamura, nakamura’s queen was blessed with Queen Elizabeth. That’s why it was so immortal in the game

  11. "So you play Nf4, lose your queen. Somewhere Eric Rosen yells 'Oh no! My queen!'"

    You sir, just beat Ben Finegold in inside jokes by a light year.

  12. This is like me playing. I predicted almost all the sacrifices. 650 ELO’s do the same. Except they resign and never play chess again.

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