8 Master Plans to WIN the Middlegame – Best Chess Strategies, Midgame Tips, Moves & Ideas

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8 Best Chess Plans for the Middlegame – Most beginners & intermediate players prepare openings & play it well, but in the middle game, they struggle to find the best moves. In this video, you will learn some important plans, strategies, ideas & concepts to find good moves in the early middlegame. So, if you’re ever stuck, you can use these practical plans & strategies to come up with your next few moves. Basically, you will learn how to develop a plan or strategy in order to master the middlegame. These tactics & ideas will take you to the next level & help you win more games. There’s also an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.


Middlegame Plans:
0:00 Middlegame Planning – Introduction
0:30 Plan #1 – Pawn Storm
1:03 Plan #2 – Positional Sacrifices
1:34 Plan #3 – Create a Battery
2:17 Plan #4 – Rook Lift
2:51 Plan #5 – Smart Exchanges
4:52 Plan #6 – Apply Pressure on your opponent’s pieces
5:40 Plan #7 – Reposition your Knights
6:41 Plan #8 – Activate your Bishops
7:29 Chess Puzzle

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  1. As for the puzzle I believe capturing the knight with our rook is best:

    * If the rook recaptures than recapture with the queen for a mating position.

    *If the f8 rook defends the g7 pawn capture the now unprotected rook for an easy check mate in 3

    *If the remaining knight moves to f5 trade it with your white bishop and than proceed to the previous plans

    If you allow the enemy knights to protect each other it will be very difficult to deliver a mate on g7

    Btw great video

  2. The knight in the middle of the board is pinned bcs of chackmate from g7. We already built up the pressure on it but we can't really take it with rook bcs h1 rook is hanging, we can't take with the queen either, obviously. So for increasing pressure we can play Bxd6 but then, black plays e5 for stabilizing the knight and close the diagonal. So we should play Rhg1 or Rh2 and be ready to taking knight

  3. Hi jee love you video and admit like the way you edit them. I have a non chess question. Do you edit you vid or hire them. Thanks

  4. Hi sir, I love your content very much as it helps me to improve. But this video is copied from "chess vibes". Please make sure you post your content.

  5. I think this works. F4 Bishop moves to C7, threatening blacks rook. Black's queen takes and now we can move our other Bishop to E6 to ✅ the king. Black King moves H8. Queen takes Knight on D4 and then mates on G7 the following move.

  6. If we take one elephant and kill knight which is in front of elephant. Then, if black's elephant takes our elephant then we can take their elephant. So the way can be clear then kill soldier from queen then checkmate…….

  7. I like the point of pawn storm because we are exchanging pawn to make a open file for rook which can atack king

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