8 Master Plans to WIN the Middlegame – Best Chess Strategies, Midgame Tips, Moves & Ideas

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8 Best Chess Plans for the Middlegame – Most beginners & intermediate players prepare openings & play it well, but in the middle game, they struggle to find the best moves. In this video, you will learn some important plans, strategies, ideas & concepts to find good moves in the early middlegame. So, if you’re ever stuck, you can use these practical plans & strategies to come up with your next few moves. Basically, you will learn how to develop a plan or strategy in order to master the middlegame. These tactics & ideas will take you to the next level & help you win more games. There’s also an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.


Middlegame Plans:
0:00 Middlegame Planning – Introduction
0:30 Plan #1 – Pawn Storm
1:03 Plan #2 – Positional Sacrifices
1:34 Plan #3 – Create a Battery
2:17 Plan #4 – Rook Lift
2:51 Plan #5 – Smart Exchanges
4:52 Plan #6 – Apply Pressure on your opponent’s pieces
5:40 Plan #7 – Reposition your Knights
6:41 Plan #8 – Activate your Bishops
7:29 Chess Puzzle

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