9 Year Old Girl Hustles Trash Talker With Brutal Queen Sac! Queen’s Gambit IRL! Ruyi vs Boston Mike

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Will you see the BRUTAL queen sac coming???


  1. He made too many easy mistakes….. I'm pretty sure it was a sizing up game…… being a Bit of a Gentleman goes further than a Bully…… Hassle Fun.

  2. I've only seen this guy Mike play a few times, but I appreciate that his talk game remains consistent no matter the opponent. Also, despite his talk game, he seems like a great sport.

  3. She isn't 'trash talking' she's 'trash-EYEBALLING'! I love how it looks like this sweet little girl is occasionally 'trying' to figure out her next move, when actually she is seeing 341 moves ahead.

  4. This guy is terrible! He trash talked the little girl from the moment she sat down to the moment he lost? Really? @Coffee Chess why do you promote Mike when he isn't that good? He can't even beat a 9 year old girl. Plus you call it fun to play with the kids when he talks bad to them? OMG

  5. I love the. Trash talking in the beginning , when he says your going down her reply no I’m not was great

  6. At first I was like this guy is a douchebag but he's not too bad when he realizes he's going to get his ass kicked

  7. Оденьте этому неприятному типу намордник , что бы не мешал своими разговорами при игре

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