An Attacking Line to WIN Fast in the Bishop's Opening

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you an absolutely winning line in the Bishop’s Opening which happens after the first moves 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4. This attacking line will give you a lot of victories as White.

This is an attacking variation after the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Bc5 3.Nc3 Nc6 4.Qg4, taking aim at the Black’s g7-pawn. And there a couple of ways for Black to defend this pawn: Qf6, Kf8, and g6. And you will learn how to crush your opponents in all these variations.

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 Winning Line in Bishop’s Opening
00:57 Attack with 4.Qg4
02:49 Black fails miserably in all variations
05:26 White’s Successful Attack
07:18 Recap of the winning line
09:07 Can you find the easy win?
09:38 If Black defends with g6

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  1. Can't black play Nf6 with the idea to play Rg8 if the queen captures g7? The rook will be protected by the knight and attack the queen.

  2. You spent a bunch of time on black's moves after 7. Qxg7 without once mentioning the main move, 7…h5. After 8. Qxh6 Bg4+; 9. Ne2 0-0-0, black has some practical chances despite being down a rook as white needs a lot of time sorting out their forces. You also did not analyse at all black's statistically best defence 4…Kf8. There is nothing wrong with the Vienna Game as an opening choice but at least try to be slightly objective in your videos please.

  3. 09:32 – The move should be Knight to F6, because the black's knight on G8 is pinned and you are giving a check at the same time, so black cannot really recapture and you get the opportunity to win more material

  4. Puzzle: Qxg8 Qxg8 Nf6+ royal fork.. Kf8 Nxg8 Kxf8 and white saves the rook and remains a rook up, winning easily!

  5. Today I finally achieved 2100 rating and it's all because of your wonderful videos . Thanks a lot for all traps and opening videos

  6. Another Bishop's opening mini-lesson? Awesome! I am very thankful for this series on the bishop's opening. I subbed and liked. You could consider editing all these into a proper product with pgns, opening history, deeper into black responses, transpositions and training tests – I would buy it in a hot second.

  7. Most direct (?): H8 X G8, G2 X G8, N-> F6 check, K move, F6 X G8 easy win follows being up so much material and Blacks has no counterplay

  8. Is the solution qxg8+, then when black captures your queen on g8 you play nf8+ winning back the queen? That leaves you up a rook and a knight, I think? Or is there something better? Obviously if they don't recapture with their queen then you win their queen for free.

  9. On this Sunday I have an OTB Game, I mostly play the Bishops Opening with White, so thanks for that Video, that will help me a Lot ^^

  10. Really learn a lot form your lessons. Question, @ 10:35 why do you say that B-g4 ins't a threat? How would you respond to that move? Thanks

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