ANOTHER World Chess Championship!

Magnus Carlsen, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Hikaru Nakamura, and tons more Grandmasters competing in the World Rapid/Blitz Championships 2021.

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0:00 Intro
1:13 Game 1
5:50 Game 2 – Duda
11:13 Game 3 – Storylines
16:12 Game 4 – This Guy Is Crazy
20:29 Game 5 – Angry Slav
26:06 Game 6 – DONT SKIP HERE

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  1. " now this is the main line, this is how it works when youre the world champion " man i could watch that part 50 times and still die laughing

  2. I think I like your shirt, but the polka dots you mentioned don't really show in the video so I may have a different opinion in person

  3. Did anyone notice how Levy makes the gestures with his hands when pieces are being taken, the same as Ivanchuk did in that famous interwiev? 😀

  4. In English you pronounce "Warsaw" exactly as you do, so /war-saw/. In Polish though, it's Warszawa and it's pronounced "Var-shuh-vuh/, I guess?

  5. *PANTING*, HE CAN'T LONG CASTLE AT 13:50, THE BISHOP HAS VISION ON THE BACK RANK 😁, 13 other people probably already said that 😐

  6. At 15:17 a rook sacrifice leads to mate in many different ways. Surprised this was over looked. Am I missing anything @GothamChess ?

  7. 5:21 Yes! I was searching to find more about Levy's hair getting in his mouth! 😁 You make many peoples day man! 😆 God bless and have a fine year change ( "fijne jaarwisseling" in dutch; this expression doesn't exists in english, to my knowledge, it's wishing to others to have a smooth transition from the current to the new year).

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