Beating Everyone with the Same Opening Trap (Stafford Gambit)

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This video features 3 games (played in the same day) in which the white side falls victim to the same simple and devious opening trap in the Stafford Gambit. The trap involves a “fishing pole” idea with an early h5 and Ng4. While the Stafford Gambit is not necessarily a sound opening, it is highly venomous. If white is not prepared, then it can be easy for black to win quite quickly!
Game 1: vs janeza12 (2128)
Game 2 vs FM Stefan005 (2335):
Game 3 vs Twitch Chat:

Big thanks to Andrew Yatzkan who coded the “Chess vs Twitch Chat” bot seen at 1:40
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  1. I have a problem where I make really good moves but then randomly decide to sacrifice my queen for a pawn and the proceed to slowly lose my mind + the game :p

  2. This is exactly the face of a disappointed school teacher when he said “I can’t believe this” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 students aren’t paying attention

  3. I believe that Eric's videos are affecting a lot of online play. People seem to be avoiding playing the obvious moves quite early in the line because they have seen the videos as well and don't want to go anywhere near the trap. Not surprising when you see 5M + views for this video alone.

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