It does not matter what your opponent plays or what color you are…..

…..If he sets artillery against your kingside, blunt it with a PAWN FORTRESS


If he tries to take the pawn, you are in trouble and can get mated in under 10 moves


You can avoid mate with the Fabled Advanced G Pawn ifajig attack

From this position, you will come under a lot of fire. You may still get mated, the ifajig attack is meant to be played in 1 minute chess, you must rely on wit and the element of surprise.


Things can really go down in this legendary opening. The ancient and revered monks of the high East told me that this opening can only be played under a full moon, when Mother Moon is present… observe what happened as Mother Moon guided me through the onslaught. I lost many warriors but was able to win the battle.



The Strong Pawn ifajig Attack

See how both the bishop and knight are on


If your opponent leaves a knight on f6, you can use ifajig attack secret move #1: The Pawn Swing



Crack open that kingside for your queen, rooks and knights with a lethal pawn swing


Recruit Reinforcements

Now, with h4, you will have a strong grip over g5 and you can you put a harassing bishop (for opponents queen), ambitious knight, or advanced pawn there


harassing bishop


ifajig attack secret move #2: The Shocking Knight Offering

The opportunity to shock your opponent with this mystery comes often in most variations of the ifajig attack


What happened here?

screenshot_35 screenshot_34

The ifajig attack is not a series of moves like traditional openings because the mindset of an ifajig attack player is someone who will always throw all of his pieces at his opponent’s king no matter the risk. However, the ifajig attack usually starts with h4.  On ChessVine, you can learn how to play in this manner and how to acquire the chess mindset of a stone cold killer. The deadliest and also riskiest variation of the ifajig attack, for only the most brave man and his conquering spear, is THE DREADED IFAJIG WRATH ATTACK, the most feared of all chess openings.