Bobby Fischer Was The Most Terrifying Chess Player

Hikaru gives his hot takes on’s list of the 5 most dangerous chess players ever:

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  1. How about Alekhine? He was known for being a brilliantly accurate, yet ruthless attacking player.

    I think he belongs somewhere in the Top 5.

  2. Yeah, that was silly, mixing humans with computers. If they are going to include computers, then all the top places would be taken by computers.

    I think Fischer rightfully deserves the top human place. From the Palma de Mallorca Interzonal through to Reykjavík, Fischer showed not just that he could beat all the world's best, but that he could utterly destroy them mentally once they knew they were on the back foot. Yes, Petrosian and Spassky did manage to get a drawing streak against him, but he himself was critical of a match scoring system which allowed a player to coast home on draws. Petrosian folded at the end, and Spassky effectively folded at the beginning (after the first two remarkable games/non-games).

  3. Tal was renowned for playing the actual person sitting across from him and exploiting their psyche rather than just playing the board. OTB is a significantly more nuanced game and experience than online play (obvious, but with the unfortunate overwhelming prevalance of Online play nowadays it deserves mention). Tal used this to his advantage, as opposed to someone like Fischer who was more concerned with being pinpoint accurate with every move. There is more than one way to skin a cat. I 100% guarantee that a 2500 today would not play as well sitting right across from Mikhail Tal over an actual chess board than they would playing a random online playing the exact same moves. And they would lose.

  4. Back then chess competitions was all about Players vs Players, now it’s just who can make the most accurate moves compares to computers, It’s so boring.

  5. Hikaru can't actually realize the first game was played in 1949 when Tal was only 12 years old. He might be a very strong chess player but he's definitely not a genius.

  6. My vote is for the pride and sorrow of chess Paul Morphy. If you asked me a year ago I would have said Fischer. The more I read about Morphy and the more I learn about chess the greater appreciation I have for Morphy

  7. The biggest shame other than criticizing the play of Tal is that Tal can't defend himself and even comment on some of Hikaru's baffling games and moves. This is disgraceful! Quite honestly, analyzing Tal's games with a computer is no better than the goons who stole Bob Ross's name and now show his art shows on Twitch for profit against the wishes of his family.

  8. Best physicists of all time:
    5)Max Planck
    4) James Clerk Maxwell
    3) Erwin Schrodinger
    2) Albert Einstein
    1) CERN Large Hadron Collider

  9. Why does this guy is more on Twitch YouTube rather than the tournaments…I don't understand… He's not in Norway chess hrs not in Olympiad… Dude is only on YouTube..

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