BRAND NEW Series: Guess The EVAL!!

This is GUESS THE EVAL, a follow up series to Guess The Elo where I analyze 5 games to see who is better and what happened in the game. Episode 1

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0:00 Intro
0:49 Game 1
6:00 Game 2
11:45 Game 3
16:33 Game 4

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  1. this would be a lot better if you were actually guessing eval and not just throwing your guess for content

  2. I'd like to see you actually trying to get the numbers right. Just feel it would be more entertaining.
    Think about GTE where you say: "This guy must be… pretty good." Instead of trying to nail the number and then reveal.
    More exciting right? 😀

  3. This another series for you

    Take your sub in a battle where u will analyze the game, when any of the player move u will immediately tell them that current eval for each player, so that they can think how to take the advantage

  4. You kind of ruined "Guess the ELO" for me from an instructional point of view by gradually turning it into pure "entertainment", so I welcome this new series.

  5. This is great! I would also LOVE to see a "Guess the Accuracy" series! Could be SUPER interesting and instructive as well.

  6. I really liked the series. I always prefer the more educational to the entertaining. And you’re exactly right the computer always finds these crazy moves that you must find in order to have the advantage.

  7. Love this. Less fun but more useful than Guess the ELO.
    I think it should still count as a good guess correctly if the value is around Stockfish's eval for second best move. Otherwise all submitted positions will have just some crazy engine line in what is otherwise completely better for the other side or looks dead equal.

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