Carlsen and Esipenko CLASH in Round 5 of FIDE World Cup!

We’ve moved on to Round 5 of the FIDE World Cup in Sochi, Russia! Elite players from all over the world compete for a part of the $1,892,500 prize fund and two spots in the 2022 Candidates Tournament. GM Vishy Anand, IM Daniel Rensch, and GM Robert Hess hold down coverage of this fantastic day of play.

Full event details! ➡️

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  1. Russian government supplies doping to Karjakin and Esipenko. Which improve memory, concentration, visualization and pattern recognition.
    They will both play in the final.

  2. I'm probably not the only one who notices: whenever Vishy suggests a move, and Danny plays it, the computer always loves it. Every time. Then when Danny suggests a move, and plays it, the computer hates it. Eval bar swings like a pendulum in the opposite direction.

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