Carlsen – Nepomniachtchi | Closing Ceremony | World Chess Championship

Live broadcast from the closing ceremony of the 2021 World Chess Championship match in Dubai between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi. Replay the games with an interactive board:

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  1. 43:20– Ha ha….Magnus could use that giant wreath for his Christmas decorations. Kind of awkward hanging it on the shoulder. A laurel wreath on the head might have been more appropriate..

    Disappointed to see the tournament end early with awkward blunders from Nepo. Hope he recovers his form soon..

  2. Congrats to both players. Tough loss for Ian and I wish him the best.

    The event ceremony shows that FIDE is a cancer on chess. The organization exists for politicians/elites to trade favors and steal the thunder of the players.

    Magnus at this point can outshine FIDE and get sponsors all his own. He could invest some of his money to pay for help with the fundraising, and then invite the top players to play in his (really, their) tournaments. They could share revenues however they decide, but Magnus at this point must see how stale and frail FIDE is. Give it three years. The sponsors will follow Magnus not FIDE

  3. Congrats Magnus! I watch your games to get better and for fun! How do you go from playing a super fast blitz game and then a long drawn out several hours long game? Similar to me like taking a long airplane flight versus a quick trip in a car for something.

  4. I literally got goosebumps.
    Please Magnus, the only thing I can say is 'never ever take for granted you're number 1'.
    There is only one number 1 and millions of people not number 1.
    The majority of people never can say they were number 1 in their lifetime.
    It must be an unbelievable special feeling … if I was you I would be proud as hell about myself !!!
    Well done , congratulations also to your family and your team.

  5. facts, no jokes.
    1. Magnus is an extraterrestrial, Chess is popular amongst ET's
    2. He makes a lot of money
    3. im jealous

  6. This sounds like the music from Spider-Man 3 when Peter Parker went dark suit struttin' pointing like a hot guy at everyone…

  7. * i wonder ,

    what happen if we let super computer ( super AI ) play fraction version of chess, example like

    taking 1/10 or maybe 1/7 steps each round ! ? * !

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