Carlsen – Nepomniachtchi | Game10 | World Chess Championship | Howell, Houska, Snare

GM David Howell, IM Jovanka Houska and Kaja Snare commentate live on the 2021 World Championship match in Dubai between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi.
Watch the games live with an interactive board:

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  1. Do this from great calculated moves Ian, We don't need to see luck and blunders today…!
    And we need to see next all games so play as that great Nepomniachtchi 👍.
    My favourite player is Magnus Carlsen but today you should give your best rate…
    Congratulations for both impressive and world class players…!!! 👏

  2. If you truly need 4 persons at the table, make Simon permanent, baldy is unbearable and the other guest analysts don’t add much. Simon is funny and knowledgeable

  3. Maurice Ashley is over-matched as an interviewer! His questions are typical stupid journalist questions: "So, Ian, you just got the piss kicked out of you, how are you feeling?" I'm glad Ian, came back with: "that's an absurd question"

  4. Man Ian stayed at the table for over 17 minutes while he waited for Magnus to make his move, that's crazy and I agree with Jovanka in that Ian could benefit from having that kind of even crazy optimism like you could win all 5 games. I feel bad for Ian that his team's energy is not supportive of Ian, at least not that we know of or see, but it does speak volumes of Magnus's team support. He is supported by friends and family that help re-energize him to play his best whereas Ian is dealing with all the pressure of his world championship challenge and having a team of polarizing play and lower energy. That and possibly the combination of luck wouldn't help him. I'm rooting for Magnus but it's hard to see Ian in this state.

  5. that was funny … Kaja, 1:45:25 till 1:45:57 " and then … euh .. yeah .. on Magnus' you tube channel they talk about 'the bald guy' for 3 hours straight lol "
    anyway I've seen some chess related comments today as well in the chat :p

  6. @derek 'What precisely your question mean.
    Anyway, everyone watch the thrilling bullet play in GSAttack's "Slippery Variation" I uploaded just now!

  7. What are you talking about? Maybe it’s because some of you started watching/playing chess recently. Lawrence is a very respected person on the chess community. He even worked on Fabiano Caruana’s (the 2018 challenger and the second strongest player on earth) team. If you disagree with him that’s cool, but to disrespect him is not! One of the comments suggested that he doesn’t understand chess… what?? He commentated on the 2013 WC match (the one that made Magnus become a Champion) Do your research next time lol

  8. Lawrence Trent was one of the first serious analysts of Chess 24. Thanks to his enthusiasm, humour and plain street chess knowledge I start following these broadcasts. I hope he will back at the table for many years to come.

  9. I feel sorry for both players tbh

    Nepo really sort of fell apart and kept allowing Magnus’s time to filter into his equations.. and just was a little underprepared

    And Magnus knew that the only thing He can really get from this whole tournament isn’t much, He proves he’s better than Nepo, which He already knew

    Nepo was the only one playing for anything this tournament. And unfortunately He just wasn’t ready. Hopefully next candidacy He can come back stronger.

    To be fair to anyone who versus Magnus in these tournaments, it must be scary knowing that if it’s only draws for the classical portion, He’s so strong in every other format of the game as well, if not stronger

  10. Man…the bald commentaror has the charisma of a potato. All match he is just saying the players are bad and he would've played better. Then he is getting corrected by the more knowledgable commentators. Like dude. Calm down.

  11. As stated by me earlier in the comment section here on the channel,
    "MC will win WC by 3-0 or more!"
    Now, I'm looking at 6 points margin Win!
    I'm the only one giving definitive score here and as a goodwill gesture, MC should share 33% of the Prize money with me.
    That is, if he wishes to win the next 6 WCs as well!
    Meanwhile, watch my warm up bullet game, The GSAttack's '"Silent Variation" way, that I upload just now!

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