Carlsen vs Nepomniachtchi Game 8 | World Chess Championship 2021 | Recap

Chess Grandmaster Daniel King shows Game 8 of the World Chess Championship 2021 between Magnus Carlsen & Ian Nepomniachtchi in Dubai. Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal (💲):
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00:00 Intro
00:39 Game 8
17:14 Scores and Outlook


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  2. Flawed game. Nepo seems to have lost his focus and along with the 9th game loss, this is proving to be a blowout for the world champ, and a bit of a disappointment!

  3. Qe1+ was clearly a psychological move. Magnus spent 40 minutes looking at every plausible continuation in depth and concluded that Nepo would go wrong by trying to create pay with the error Kf8. I think the match is over now. Magnus will torture Nepo with deep, careful chess with zero chances for the latter to stir up any complications. Such a shame, as I'm sure most of us want a competitive match.

  4. Hah b5? was known to be a bad move for Black ever since the days of Morphy vs. Duke/Count in 1858. Chess does have a way of repeating itself.

  5. In 8:13 you applaud H4 by Carlsen and after that you are disagree with H5 by Nepo ,but that's a very cleaver comments of course knowing how finished the game …I would like to know what are your opinion about that moves at that moments in the game …. that's a different thing…Great video

  6. Most people will remember 21…b5, but the earlier 10…Kf8 was just brutally ugly, giving Carlsen the kind of position in which he thrives, while gaining nothing in return. Keeping tension in the position is one thing, but you can't do it by playing moves that are outright bad.

  7. It's interesting that it occurs to nobody that game 8 might well be called "Nepo takes a dive."

    The challenger makes a move so bad that a patzer might recognize it as such. It's not merely a blunder but an exceedingly ugly move. A routinely competent player would see this and recoil from making it (or would make it in an entirely defensive position).

    There's a plausible explanation for a player of that ability making such a pathetic move. The whole farce was scripted. He makes the amazing and colossal h5 move. Scripted. Magnus ponders for 40 minutes before he responds. This is also scripted. Twenty odd moves later Nepo makes that preposterous blunder. Scripted. Twenty odd moves later it's over. It isn't as though players of that caliber couldn't remember a prearranged forty odd move game.

    Nepo later looks stricken and ill at the press conference. Is it because he made the blunder of the new now? Or is it because he participated in that sham of a game?

    In a world of critical thinkers as opposed to mindless drones this possibility would at least be considered…even if it upsets the feint of heart.

  8. Nepo s amateaur play.
    He plays Blindfold championship, not seat on board, waste your time walking rest room.!!!!

  9. Pure speculation on my part. In spite of Nepo's denial I think game 6 was exhausting and the match became an athletic contest. I think Carlsen's greatest advantage over the years has been his mental stamina. How many events has he started slow and began winning when everyone was tired. In the first 5 games Nepo was every bit Carlsen's equal. He had several chances that he missed. I would never compare myself to these guys except that I have experienced mental exhaustion in the last round of a long tournament when I just couldn't calculate. This game seemed like that. BTW, I really enjoy your recaps Daniel.

  10. after that tough game 6, I thought Nepo would collapse unless his team helped him steady the ship. He did that in game 7 and he could have drawn this game. I just don't get him rejecting more drawish lines in Petroff to play this way. If you want to play for a win, you don't play the Petroff necessarily. Strange decision all around.

  11. Kudos to Nepo for wanting to keep things interesting, but I guess this is precisely why players at this ultimate level have tended to stick to more solid lines in recent years. One mistake and you get crushed.

  12. I watch the championships sind K versus K (with Pfleger analyzing the games at midnight on TV) and I can't rembember a simmilar one move blunder but I assume there might be one.

  13. Sad performance from ​​Nepo. I don't understand why he's playing into Carlsen's hands with his opening picks ( RuyLopez& Petrov) ?! So he won't be able to pose any serious problems to the world champion. Maybe Nepe should try the King's Gambit ?! 😉

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