Carlsen vs. Nepomniachtchi: The Emotions of the World Championship

The highlights of the FIDE World Chess Championships 2021 between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi.

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  1. Comments about Ian's great behaviour are puzzling. Decent behaviour is a virtue now? As if Magnus or any other GM are rude.

  2. But I had a real binge once I couldn’t play anymore chess cuz I played so much dam chess it was ruining my life

  3. But I’ll tell you I don’t play chess with the board I only can play it on the computer with a mouse

  4. Knso I have been playing video games my whole life it’s the same as chess so I would beat dude in a chess game hands down

  5. So yes but I’m tryna tell y’all nobody can play chess all day it costs money to play chess all day don’t you have to pay bills like dam

  6. Carlsen's face looks like that of a UFC fighter, not a chess player. When I look at him I see meat head, but he is a top super GM. Look at Petrosian, Short, Tal, Fischer, Kramnik, Kasparov – brainy chess players. Carlsen, in comparison, looks like someone almost mentally challenged. The world works in mysterious ways.

  7. I'm all for the support for Nepo and how he handled the loss in his first WCC, but I haven't seen anyone comment on how respectful Magnus has been towards his opponent's performance. He seemed to choose the right words in the press conference that showed either admiration or deference to his worthy opponent. I would just like to point that out—after being world champ for the last 8 years, and as sarcastic and comical he can be, I haven't heard him say anything dismissive about Nepo personally. I think that deserves a mention. Am I wrong?

  8. This was a battle of titans. Nepo, a titan of steel, tried everything, reinvented his game several times, and pressed Magnus to the limit of them both in spectacular Game VI; the problem is, Carlsen is diamond, not steel. Nepo broke and melted. I just hope the blunderfest that follows shan't outshine the beauty of Game VI in the sport's history.

  9. Nepo has been a class act this entire match. This is how you're supposed to behave. He may not have won the match but he's definitely won my and a lot of other peoples respect

  10. After game6, it went downhill for nepo, making blunders unbecoming of a superGM, disappointing performance from him. At the very end in game 11, I pretty sure he just gave up and lost on purpose

  11. Nepo constantly have annoying undertones of him thinking he’s superior to Magnus. It’s like he doesn’t want to acknowledge Magnus’ strength, and at every post game analysis between the two of them, he always tells Magnus how he could have won faster, like he’s better. He even said about Dubov on Magnus’ team, that it was easy to see that the games where Magnus got good positions, Dubov had a huge part to play, preparation wise.

  12. Game 6, what a game ! As a Nepo fan, I'm sad it was the game that broke him… It was not his match but he still earned my respect.

  13. They will talk about game 6 even in 50 years, Nepo & Carlsen showed the world also how to behave as looser / winner.

  14. I used to dislike Nepo, but I got to know him a little better from this adversity. He has a very good character

  15. Magnus has this amazing ability to make moves that aren't top computer moves and other players don't understand at first, yet the moves still work and improve his position. He's in a league of his own.

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