1. 100 rated chess , but you lose 10 points of material asap and maintain this difference for the whole game.

  2. Chess, but your opponent must blunder checkmate 5 times before you can actually checkmate them. Additionally, each checkmate must be a different checkmate, not just your opponent failing to see the same checkmate several times.

  3. bishop to h7, king h8 is forced, bishop to g6, king to g8 is forced, queen to h7, king f8 is forced, queen to f7 checkmate.

  4. He blundered his Bishop when moving the queen from the Bishop defense, check, you answered, pawn takes and bishop was left hanging, yes you answered by creating a mate threat but you were supposed to notify him his Bishop hangs.

  5. I wouldn't say that missing a non obvious M4 is a blunder at 500ELO (or even at 1000). The first one is a blunder: he had not noticed the threat and he has likely noticed the blunder as soon as you pointed it out to him. But the second one is done with the purpose of avoiding that threat, even if he didn't have the capacity to notice a longer combination forcing the same conclusion.
    I doubt that he would have found a better move than Rd8 given half an hour to think, unless you told him the M4 sequence you had following Rd8.

  6. I really like your content I am a beginner and it really helps me learn in a better entertaining way luv u <3

  7. Took me a moment, so I thought I would share the mate in 4 at the end:

    12. Bxh7+ Kh8

    13. Bg6+ Kg8

    14. Qh7+ Kf8

    15. Qxf7#

    I hope my notation is correct. Since I only play online, I never had to write my moves before.

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