Chess Cheating: Vishy Anand, Nikhil Kamath

Nikhil Kamath vs. Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand. Chess cheater story from Samay Raina’s Celebrity Checkmate Covid simul event.

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0:00 Intro
1:40 The Game
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  1. Indians have a very fragile ego, no offense. They really like people complimenting them, fishing for compliments quite often ex Chessbase India. Not sure what they thought they were doing with this, everyone knows he’s cheating.

  2. Cheating vs Vishy Anand … the best thing about you was .. u shared your opinion. Idk if I'm being irrational or not but one who can cheat to win a friendly chess game for charity maybe did so many creepy things to become Billionaire.

  3. Im rated 294 and I dont see any appeal in cheating. Sure I lose almost every game but I learn every game and if I cheated I would not learn anything. Do you know how gratifying it feels when after a game I analyze it and it tells me I made a Brilliant move? Or how sweet a victory against someone higher rated feels? Cheating is for cowards.

  4. I don't wonder that every person with money or power is shit, I just wonder why normal people who are not like this shit decide to have children and force them to live among that.

  5. to be a chess worl champion is perhaps respectfull (but it is not a hardwork to born as genius, just lucky genetic), to be a youngest billionare surely states that this person is bad.

  6. Under the totality of the circumstances. A casual player (at best) / enterprising young Billionaire playing against a legendary Super GM on one of many boards for charity. My guess would be that he didn’t do it so much to gain recognition for being a great chess player but rather as a bit of a practical joke and entertainment. After a drink or 2 I could very easily see some random none serious, fund raiser attendee lean over to his buddy and whisper “ps. Want a laugh, I bet my iPhone can beat him” or something to that effect. He probably thought it was a rather unique trick too. If that’s what happened should he have said he was just messing around after the game? Well, yeah probably. Anyway that’s my guess.

  7. To be honest Nikhil Kamath is a Stock Broker. Well that can hit his credibility. Come on if you can cheat on a Charity match, it's not hard to cheat in stock market. I suddenly don't trust zerodha now

  8. He probably thought he wouldn't get caught or that Vishy would beat him anyway. Afaik Vishy gave advice to all his opponents during the games as well so that might have encouraged him to play more engine moves. Sad to see an all time great like Vishy 'exploited' in that fashion…

  9. as a big Anand fan, I can't believe this guy would cheat against a player like this. what's the fun in that ? NO ONE expected him to beat Vishy, no one would even blame him like "Ugh how did you lose to VISHY my god man what were you thinking…" no. you were gonna lose that game and no one would even think for a second to question how you lost. what did he think he proved by defeating Vishy by cheating ? the truth was gonna come out one way or another, obviously it's sus as fuck that a random nobody beat one of the all time greatest, so no one is gonna think for just even a second you are good at chess by beating him. why not just enjoy the moment, try your absolute hardest and watch Anand absolutely pick you apart on the chess board ? that's an honor not a lot of people have, to play against Anand, and this guy wiped his ass with it. what an absolute shame.

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