Chess Hustler Immediately Knew I Was Good

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  1. Is there anyone know which city they are living now,if they are in Los Angeles,I think I'll have a chance to play chess with them

  2. really andrea ?!! did you reallly have to wear that "long" dress??! please next time wear something shorter

  3. He thought he was thinking outside the box ! It would seem to me That he has got a lot to learn.
    I hope he starts by growing some b_lls. Check mate, good game.

  4. Most beautiful chess player in the world I watch her more than the game. How good is she on chess ranking scales?*

  5. Coool, she was nice this time, and still pretty! So nice to see people treat others with respect.

  6. It's time to invest in some lavalier microphones. Audio quality is kind of important. We want to hear the dialog.

  7. i couldn't focus on the game with a beautiful woman sitting on the other side of the board. it's not fair because i am a simple man

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