Chess Hustler RUNS AWAY After This Game

In played a chess hustler in Union Square Park NYC and this happened after the game…

Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. I really love watching you, Anna. That said, so many of your games end up like this one – racing against the clock, laughing, knocking over pieces, and ending with the viewer not knowing who won.

  2. Happened to be in that neighborhood earlier today (6/23/22) for the ETHNewYork Web3 Hackathon starting tomorrow. Had a nice chat with David who "schooled" me on a no clock chess game. Cool guy but not big on handshakes. Pointed out some videos I should watch. Will revisit in a month or two once I'm better. But that is the real deal in that video.

  3. This guy is the sloppiest chess piece mover I have ever witnessed. Nobody deserves to win flinging pieces around like that. Since chess is based on war I guess he was playing under the fog of war.

  4. 5:48 OMG your recovery there was GORGEOUS!
    Then later: "I beat a master!" "Play one more?" "Hell no!" ROFL!!!
    Love your spirit of play, both on and off the chessboard!
    New subscriber!

  5. I love the way he squirmed "OOOohhh!" when she offered to shake hands at the start, then at the end he stood up, walked over, and firmly shook her hand before fleeing. 🤣🤣🤣

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