Chess Hustler Strikes Fear Into Hikaru

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  1. Imagine having the balls to trashtalk Hikaru!

    I love seeing Hikaru in these. Coffee Chess's chill but banterful manners really suit him in a wholesome way, in my opinion.

  2. 3:00 Hikaru is simply playing the classical rules. If the middle is locked by pawns, you attack the sides. So, Hikaru is sending his pawns up the side, to the enemy King. I don't know why Carlini manually castled into that side, knowing this. What Carlini needed to do, is break the middle, and get his bishop into the game. They may be even in material on the board, but hikaru has two active knights in the middle and on attacking side… while Carlini has only one active knight, and he blunders and moves it away to the opposite side of the attack, leaving his bishop locked behind pawns. He simply has no defenders against all the pawns storming up the board on Kings side. He's behind in active material, and of course he will lose.

  3. 😄😅😂😂🤣 the funniest EVER!! "Quiet you! I haven't been mated yet! I can see things here! Ok that's good. MATE 🤣Thanks Hikaru! Thanks to you, I am loving CHESS more than usual!

  4. Genuine Question: when you ask what do want to play against? Is that meaning for what the person would like to be challenged from to grow, or from “I’m giving you a handicap.”

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