Chess Is Brutal… (Washington Chess Congress Rd 6)

Washington Chess Congress Round 6

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  1. At the end, can someone explain why he can’t just go take blacks pawn? isn’t it impossible to checkmate with just a bishop? Surely the 2 or 3 moves to get the king to capture the pawn at least ensures a draw?

  2. I don't understand the resignation. Why can't you escort the pawns up the board and either capture the black pawn or camp in front of it?

  3. But I think nothing happened if he trapped your knight with his king you can just play ke3 and wait? Idk lol

    Edit:nevermind that's what happened I just reached it

  4. Levy, why not doing something more rewarding than playing chess? Don't know, but all this seems a bit masochist to me.

  5. Even though Levi lost, the level of chess was super. Just the thought of "who runs out of moves first" is awsome!

  6. Loved the 'crushed by horses' bit! I was so sad to hear how the game ended but these recaps are extremely gripping. Best of luck, Levy.

  7. Definitely appreciate your commentary on the games after you play them. This is invaluable to mere mortals

  8. I really enjoy these tournament analysis Levy. You’re an awesome human being. Take care of yourself. Love you.

  9. Levy you should try and concentrate on being more beginner friendly. I send a lot of beginners your channel and they all say its too confusing to follow. Food for thought.

  10. Like why even have openings? If a grandmaster does not need them and then can use your reliance on them against you? I mean what if you did not try to do an opening and focused solely on progressing your position? Then the GM could not use your openings against you cause there would be no bad opening for you to have? my uneducated thoughts! love the vids, thanks!

  11. you can it Levy! Really enjoying your tournament videos. We all have those days and those feelings. keep up the good content and the good chess.

  12. Question: I understand your knowledge as well as the knowledge of the GMS you are playing far supersedes mine in chess Theory, move order, ect. So I can understand that there are reasons for resigning if I probably just don’t have the experience to understand. But I’m just curious for your reasoning for resigning over forcing the issue and getting mated. Sure the computer says it’s lost for white, but even GMS are not computers. Do you think there is any value in making the opponent finish the deed? Is it not worth the mental strain? Is it a level thing? Did the game reach a point where you already know everything that it takes to win from there and there is nothing to learn from getting mates? Love your content I have learned so much from you and enjoy this channel more than any other YouTube creator. Keep up the good work levy!

  13. But Don't u have e when u resigned, on two pawns vs bishop and pawn, couldnt u go for kh5 and win that pawn❓

  14. Yo this dude blunders a pawn and get a little worse position, while i blunder a pawn and get smashed. I love you levy, just remember how good you are😅

  15. This is probably the best self analysis video or maybe the best game analysis video from this channel. Absolutely loved it.

  16. how is this losing?? tou can eventually win his last pawn right? then he can never checkmate you. i dont understand.
    please help me understand this.

  17. Hi I'm IM Levy Rozman and today I want to talk about your pipi, why it grows when you see my and what you should do about it

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