Chess Master's Brutal Trolling Makes Trash Talker RAGE! FM Mark The Duck vs Brooklyn Dave

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You gotta love it when the masters troll!


  1. that was a bad blunder by Duck, Dave was never really in the game, he was extremely lucky Duck didn't see that obvious attack after pawn takes, it was very easy to defend.

  2. Ah man, I felt so dissapointed when Duck took that bishop with the rook instead of knight….. If he took with the knight it would be gg

  3. Some serious Davitation here – Tal style.. That was an insidious gueen manuever. Didnt see it myself. There´s a reason why queens are the strongest pieces on the board. These ladies see everything. Damn. Sometimes you can go like qf3 or qf6 and win the game just because it makes such an incredible impact towards the center of the board.. Maybe you should move your queen over the board more often, even if it means violating the chess principles.

  4. I want my name to be a verb one day….but "You got Vukovic'd" just doesn't have the ring that "You got Daved" has lol

  5. Dave is my hero. I love when he wins especially against stronger players. I hope one day he can clip the Phillipines master. That would be gold

  6. Man, that was fun to watch. What a comeback for Dave. Always love watching The Duck, too. Great game, guys!

  7. Dave vs Duck are the most hilarious games. Dave gets so annoyed at Duck's play style and Duck subtly pisses off Dave the entire game in various ways. Superb!

  8. I've been watching this channel religiously just to hear Mark talk this much crap 🤣😂🤣😂 man im only 2 mins into it but I keep laughing 😆 😂

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