Chess Opening TRICKS to WIN More Games: Tennison Gambit: Secret Traps, Moves, Strategy & Ideas

Openings are the most exciting phase in the game of chess. There are various chess tricks, traps, strategies, tactics, ideas, gambits & opening moves that you can use to fool your opponent & win more chess games. In this video, I share with you 4 secret opening tricks that white can use to trap the black queen. These opening tricks involve the use of knight, bishop, pawn & white queen. This trick is popularly known as the Tennison Gambit. A gambit is basically a chess opening strategy in which a player sacrifices his material of lesser value, like a pawn, with the hope of achieving an advantageous position. It’s like a chess trick to fool your opponent. The Tennison Gambit is a popular response to the Scandinavian Defense. These opening moves will definitely surprise your opponent. You just need to follow these starting moves & you can easily trap and capture the black queen or gain a strong material advantage. This chess opening trick will help you to win fast.

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  1. Sir, Your last move is not good, because we already lost our two peaces and he had now protection about all his spots, and we don't know his next move

  2. Wow, your videos are so nostalgic for me to watch. I am just thinking of the times when I watched your channel when I was 13 (800 level). Currently I am 2000. Thanks!

  3. Today I tried but opponent doesn't move anything like u and I was exposed fully but able to win

  4. Lol my friends don’t even care about their pawns, they won’t bring another pawn to support the pawn, not to mention a queen 🤣

  5. Let’s go I found an Indian guy that gives me tips for chess. These should be really good

  6. Many people where I live don't mind sacrificing any chess piece as long as they remove your queen I don't know why, the queen so important to them

  7. I am a beginner, and i want to learn how to play chess … anyone suggest me something i.e. any particular courses/coah/ or something like that may help me …
    Thanks a ton in advance …

  8. I signed up for a chess competition which is tomorrow and that's why I'm here.

    (I only know the rules)
    Wish me luck

  9. Feminist chess. Change the rules where the King and Queen switch roles. Queen move like King. King move like Queen. Take out the Queen to win the game

  10. In the fourth variation at the end after you capture the pawn with queen you can play Ne6 attacking the queen and the bishop the obvious response is bishop takes knight then you take the bishop with your bishop and then after Black's move you played rook to d1 and queen is trapped

  11. My uncle is a champion back when he was a kid and he's still good at play9ng chess even if he's now old

  12. you are rushing your explanation you are not a good teacher i don't understand any of your explanaton so you better stop whst you are doing!

  13. jeetendra i got this position where black played f6 straight away challenging the knight

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