1. Clips bars just dont hit for me like they did 5 years ago. He still has some fire bars here and there. But his stage presence got weak, probably cause he always playing. But he still top 5

  2. Chess the truth, respect the youth, clips flow always seem 2 b predictable, maybe those 4 bar set up kinda dated

  3. Those hand gestures get more and more irritating😂🤣 I'm sorry but they do not make the bar better🤣😂

  4. Those bars from Clips was very light. Hope this battle turns out to be what people said it could've been and was after last night.

  5. Can someone enlighten me on what's going on though this battle was today live on caffeine? Or am I tripping death do us apart

  6. Where will we even see this, who were on the card, why surf not practicing his rounds for Cal I have so many questions Why is chris Brown there???

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