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The Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz, Grand Chess Tour 2021, featuring Hikaru Nakamura, Sam Shankland, Fabiano Caruana, Jeffery Xiong, Le Quang Liem, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Richard Rapport, Lenier Dominguez, Peter Svidler, and Wesley So.

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  1. "That is the worst Rook of all time… So bad i am going to Tweet about it after this recap" i'm DEAD, omg that got me

  2. I needa hear a recap where you just unleash with swearing tbh, like balls to the walls expletives every other word.

  3. as a thunder fan it hurts to hear that analogy, also the irony that my profile pic is Lillard doesn’t help 😔

  4. "… Sexy bishops" – IM Levy Rozman 2021. Jokes apart 😂, one of the best chess teaching and analysis channels ever! Keep going Levy🔥! Love and support from India 🇮🇳.

  5. Ok dumb comment coming but i have to say it i am french, and when you said : i don't want you to pin me i burst out laughin like a middle school kid.
    "Piner" someone is a familiar/slang way of saying f**k someone where i lived it would be the same prononciation..

    I apologize for that
    Great content. I Love your channel and your content even if i never see the queen gambit series or played a lot of chess. Your dynamisme and personality made me enjoy every of your video.

  6. “And you may be asking yourself, Why on earth is Peter Svidler allowing himself to be bullied by horses?” I ask myself that every day!

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