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Match 1:
Joel Ke Shooters v Mast Orbiters
Joel D’souza v Biswa Kalyan – 17:00
Angad Singh Ranyal v Neetish Thakur – 17:20
Nishant Tanwar v Kaneez Surka – 17:40
Kenny Sebastian v Kumar Varun – 18:00

Match 2:
Susha Squad v GM Abish’s Immortals
Prakhar Gupta v Samay Raina – 18:20
Anirban Dasgupta v Manik Mahna – 18:40
Suhani Shah v Abish Mathew – 19:00
Rohan Joshi v Gautami Kawale – 19:20

Match 3:
Bot Army v Wazir-e-Vaibhav
Vivek Desai v Vaibhav Sethia – 19:40
Tanmay Bhat v Rohan Gujral – 20:00
Sonali Thakker v Sapan Verma – 20:20
Mechanical Pandey v Gamerfleet – 20:40


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  1. COB 6 Day-1
    5:29 Welcome Welcome to cob6 Day-1
    6:35 Vote on
    7:22 Captains with their team🙌
    12:33 Awards and Sponsors
    15:07 Sagar's Predictions
    20:39 Talking about previous Cob's
    23:32 Anti Cheating measures
    24:37 The point system
    Joel ke Shooters vs Mast Orbiters
    25:12 1.Joel vs Biswa (41:25 – Discussion)
    46:02 Pre-discussion
    51:20 Angad's cam freeze😂
    52:44 2.Angad Singh vs Neetish Thakur ❤
    1:05:03 About Neetish
    1:09:10 Game end
    1:11:35 Neetish op🔥
    1:15:30 Everyone op❤
    1:17:20 No hiccups tomorrow❤
    1:21:08 3.Nishant vs Kaneez (1:30:48– Discussion)
    1:34:29 Goa and Bangkok😂😂
    1:39:39 Joel in vc
    1:48:47 Game started but😂
    1:52:05 4.Kenny vs Kumar Varun (1:59:00– Discussion)
    2:05:50 Leaderboard
    2:07:50 Getting Motivation 😂
    Gm Abish's Immortal vs Susha Squad
    2:11:43 1.Prakhar vs Samay 🔥
    2:25:13 Meme material🤣
    2:30:15 Supreme Leader op🔥
    2:38:45 Ladai in sports is fun🔥😂

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