This is the Chess World Cup tournament, ft. Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, and other strong grandmasters/titled players competing for 2 spots in the Candidates Tournament.

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Game 1
8:10 Game 2
14:06 Game 3
17:45 Game 4
23:07 Game 5
28:24 Game 6

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  1. gothamchess isn’t even that good at chess. i have no clue why he even decided to name himself as chess. he’s literally so bad and his haircut isn’t even as bad as him at chess. that’s how u know he’s had. he juikst look at a board and eats shit on it. that’s all he’s good for. so terrible is him. he should quit the game i could beat him in a 1v1 fog of war

  2. I'm pretty new to chess, 600 elo about now, but these recaps help me learn because of when you say what is the only way to win in this position, I set up an analysis board and try to figure it out without an engine. It's very helpful, I appreciate all your hard work and coverage of this event!

  3. KrAsenkow sounds Russian, Polish pronunciation is rather KrasEnkow (and the letter W at the end is being read rather like F in Football, not like V in Vodka), but the fact that among English speaking people your pronunciation of Slav names is the best I've ever heard, makes me watch your content even more willingly! Keep doing your great job, Bro!

  4. I think the women are going to be taken more seriously when they decide, en masse, to participate in the main event instead of having a gender-segregated parallel tournament. If they want to get better at the game, they have to play better opponents than each other.

  5. It's hard to follow your videos because the titles are confusing. Maybe a better title would be "Crazy. (Chess World Cup 1/32 Final)". I mean what if I want to find this video a year from now. How will I search for it?

  6. Hello Gotham Chess I am fan of you I actually learned london system from your video. I want to improve my chess but I need your help to get improvement can you please help me with that?

  7. Dubov strikes me as a modern version of Tal. And just like Tal, his combinations may sometimes not completely correct. And just like Tal, the opponents may often be unable to refute incorrect sacs.

  8. Please Lev .. put any indications in the title of the contents of the video, like, anything, I can’t just keep going through videos titles like “crazy” “your favorite series” “let’s celebrate” just to find where’re my recaps 🙁

  9. i really don't understand why women and men have different tournaments. there should be one world champion of whatever gender. i understand why sports have different tournaments because of naturally more strength men have, but in chess only the mind is at stake. please, change my mind

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