Danny Stomps Arin at Chess for 40 Minutes – Game Grumps

DISCLAIMER: this video may make less sense if you don’t know how to play chess

I swear I was working on this compilation over New Years anyway and then I somehow willed new episodes into existence, I should have probably used this power to bring back Punch Out instead!



  1. I really want an episode of the 10mph where they play chess in real life. We could see arin lose his shit like Dan gets to see. They would definitely need a couple refs though, to make sure arin (or dan, accidentally) doesn't make any illegal moves and to keep arin from flipping the board.

  2. Arin: “I’m gonna do something really stupid. And we’ll see how it plays out, in the end.”
    Dan: “Checkmate.”

  3. To Arin’s credit: I kind of play the same way, sort of panicking over what move is going to screw me over (I have anxiety problems lol). The difference is I give myself time to think over my options, whereas Arin literally has no choice but to rush each move for the sake of the video. Deep respect for trying my guy <3

  4. They need to do a round of this where Arin swaps places with an expert chess player every few turns to see if they can save Arin from defeat

  5. Haven't seen the comments yet, but given that this is a chess video I can guarantee there's some guy unironically saying something like, "He may be moving pieces at random, but he almost pulled off a flawless King James's Shitknocker Defense!"

  6. Chess is what makes Arin the most emotionally, physically and mentally vulnerable, and I am living for his abhorrence. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I actually choked on my popcorn.

  7. One day Arins gonna win, and on that day I will lose my fucking mind with excitement and joy

  8. I've come weirdly full circle with game grumps vs. For the longest time, I was always glad when Dan would win, because he always felt like the underdog in the majority of the games they played. But over time, he's kinda shown himself to be an unbelievably poor winner and loser. So, I'm definitely more into him losing now.
    Pointless thoughts on a random day.

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