Fatality (1996) vs S. Neverov (1715). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. An attempt at that London system again. She’s younger, so a more tactical approach should be suggested by playing 1 e4.

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  3. Fatality is defo in bad shape lately, f4 was very uncharacteristic and seems to indicate some kind of frustration/tilt

    At the end, Bd4 instead of Bd2 would've prevented the mate

  4. It was not actually easy endgame to convert with one extra pawn.
    Fatality blundered drawish position
    Of course white must stop deadly check 1… Nf2 + on next move, but she did not do that.

    How to do it ?
    1. Bd4 is the best move . Gives draw .

    But even bishop "sac" is quite good and gives some chances to escape if black is not precise. Of course black cannot take bishop on next move, then black loses the rook, it is draw.
    1. Be1 Nxe1 2.Rc3+ Ke2 3. Kxg4

    Black has to move rook first, but it gives white king the chance to escape deadly corner .
    1. Be1 Rg1 2.Kh4 Nxe1 3.Kh5

    Black still has theoretical win, but it is much more complicated now, easy to blunder in time trouble.

    But of course 9:18
    1. Bd4 was best choice to draw. She missed it and was checkmated

  5. Don't let some loses upset you, Liza. Just keep going and never give up 🙂 You're so good at chess.

  6. Да это же я играю! Смешно на себя со стороны посмотреть. Невозмутимый такой чувак в маске. На секундах накосячил, конечно.

  7. Лиза, не переживай! …бывает! …царь Давид говорит, в таких случаях " это пройдёт" …блузка 5+, причёска 5+, ногти перекрасить в мажорный цвет!

  8. Non chess related… but Fatality’s beautiful hair grows so quickly, yet I remain bald. Life, like chess, is not fair.

  9. Ощущение, что если у Лизы выиграть, дружить с обидчиком она точно уже не будет 😅

  10. What's been going on with Fatality lately? She loses games with players with whom she should not have a problem. She still looks like she's unfocused, something is bothering her?

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