1. wiht GM Nigel Shorts comment I wonder if they can also get GM Anatoly Karpovs approach to this game as white

  2. Old times draw
    Journalist: Top tier match ! We couldn't believe that it was possible to defend in such a situation !
    Top player: Respect to my opponent for reflecting every aggression ! Well played !

    Modern time draw
    Journalist: You know you could win by C4 move. You missed it !
    Top player: Sorry, i'm not as good as all the spectators. I'll try to play better next time, don't hit me, please.

  3. good question from sagar shah at 4:23:45 . even magnus acknowledge that as a very very good point . positional chess questions instead of ridiculous ones

  4. what type of NONSENSE question was asked by Andrea Botez!!! you get a chance to interview the best players in the world and she just clowned herself!

  5. Были видео зарисовки с Дмитрием Кряквиным? С какой Минуты смотреть?

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