Game Of The Day! | World Rapid Chess Championship 2021 Rapid Recap #1

Join GM Jon Ludvig Hammer and GM Irina Krush as they look back at the most exciting game of day one in Warsaw! Today’s rapid action features GM Goryachkina against IM Bodnaruk as they battled at the top of the Women’s tournament!

FIDE World Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship details:

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  1. All the comments saying how great the commentary is by Hammer.. y'all are joking right? It sounds like a ten year old who's played chess a few dozen times is describing it. Am I missing something?

  2. Горячкина ну зачем так рисковать? Понятно что это рапид, но Боднарук тоже опытная шахматистка и она не вчера родилась.

  3. ugh. this summary should be labeled in the title that it's not meant for people over 12 or with ELO over 1200.

    algebraic notation is not hard to learn. this is unlistenable until Irina starts speaking so someone can treat the audience like they are remotely capable of appreciating this game in the first place.

  4. These guys are lively commentators. As if they are commentating on a boxing match. Same as GM Maurice Ashley.

  5. Stockfish 10 actually missed the move h4 that Anastasia plays, but stockfish 14 finds it and believes it is the best move. A brilliant move.

  6. personally not enjoying Hammer on commentary. I like Irena, Danny and Hess much, much more. Hammer talks a ton and in an annoying way.

  7. Hammer sure loves the sound of his own voice. Two and a half minutes before he even lets Krush get a word in edgewise.

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