GothamChess: How Levy Rozman Became The Internet's Chess Teacher

An intimate look into the life and career of Levy Rozman, who at the age of 25 has now built @GothamChess to be the biggest chess YouTube channel in the world.

a film by Chandler Toffa
/ @toffufilms

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  1. Does levy have a Facebook page I can follow? If so, please leave the link for it. I am unable to find a page for him. Thanks!

  2. Nice documentary, I wish it were longer. I think the greatest thing about Levy is not his chess content, is just the unique charisma and the funny way to express himself, a perfect formula to make chess something fun to watch. There is no onther chesstuber with this amount of amusement, really, the rest of chesstubers are dull and boring, regardless of the chess content they provide.

  3. This describes my life since I was 20😅 been playing chess for my first year now and I love it more than ever

  4. Levy, bro, you’ve changed my life. With your videos and courses, I’ve gone from 500 to 1500. I’m my school champion and chess is all I do.
    We love you.

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