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Grandmaster Training. Episode 6.

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Game 1
32:33 Game 2

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  1. bruh these thumbnails went from great artwork to stupid pictures of your stupid face I am done watching your videos cya

  2. Levy if you're training to be a GM, which we all support, why not train with some 30 – 60 min games? If you're worried we won't watch, I promise you, we would.

  3. That was a nail biter ! I am so glad you took a nap and got some TLC from your sweetheart plus a full belly of food. Way to go Levy

  4. "There's a giant piece of frozen fruit in my smoothie that never blended." -Levy Rozman, 2021.

    First world problems! The struggle is real. Hahahaha. I might make a meme out of that.

  5. I know I'm not at your level but I'm starting to prepare for the next tournament after almost two years of inactivity on the board and these series is really teaching me a lot!!!!! Most likely I will watch all the games 4-5 times before the end of the month. I really want to start thinking like you do!!! At least a little bit! 😊

  6. I'm really wondering why does Levy trains for GM title by playing rapid games. He himself said multiple times during the video that he missed good moves just because of the time and in classical he would see it no problem. Or is it the whole point? Not backseating, just curious

  7. At 14:21 I can't figure out why he can't take your bishop with rook temporarily sacking the exchange because after pawn takes he has knight takes on d4 attacking your bishop, and both the bishop and knight would be hanging

  8. I figured it out, Gotham's secret training GM is his girlfriend, GM Lucy. They are just using their relationship as cover.

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