Hikaru Nakamura Teaches Advanced Puzzle Rush | Master Chess

Hikaru Nakamura gives a master class on how to solve advanced tactics puzzles in chess from start to finish.

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  1. 23:45 this position it's from IM Molina Vs GM Krikor, Brazil Finals

    36:25 Black promotes then white promotes, and Molina played Qg7 protecting the check (Qb7+)

    Now black have forced checkmate

  2. For that end game puzzle which took hikaru a lot of time, it's actually already mate in 11. It plays out like this, after taking g2 with the f pawn, white tries to advance the a pawn. Basically after fxg2 is: a7 – g1 (queen promotion), a8 (queen promotion) – Qg7. White queen cannot check on the 7th rank so if Qe8+ – Kf2 and there's no follow-up check and the mate shortens to 4 moves. The only dragging move white can make is Qc6 which is replied with Qh7+, Kg5 – Qh5+, and the only move for white is Kf6 which is followed by a deadly Qh6+ and picking up the queen.

    I used engine, of course. I am a noob player. I was simply curious as well from the fact that a super gm like hikaru was struggling to find the correct sequence.

  3. 12:58 got me excited thinking Jean-Baptiste Lully (the baroque composer who moshed so hard to his own tunes he stabbed himself in the foot and died) was also a famous chess player. This is the same feeling as when I found out Ruy Lopez was not the same Ruy Lopez who tried to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I

  4. Watched your clips earlier on a puzzle and helped me to get my puzzle rush score from 39 to 43 new record. Much appreciated ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ.

  5. 8:19 Nc4 Nf3 and according to the engine, black is only slightly better โ€” really wonder how that puzzle got through with whiteโ€™s response being the move that hangs everything

  6. Nakamura is making millions of dollars off of chess and having such a succesful career but he is still unsatisfied

  7. Everytime Hikaru start drawing the arrows, after i blink i feel like blind… those pieces seems like a virus spreading at the board

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