Hikaru Nakamura Teaches Endgame Visualization | Master Chess

Hikaru Nakamura gives a master class on endgame visualization in solving advanced tactics puzzles in chess.

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  1. This thumbnail needs to be changed… I thought he was in prison for a second there because of the orange shirt

  2. Him spending 15 minutes on one puzzle when I get bored and make a random move after 30 seconds is why I’m stuck at 1600 and he’s a super gm 😅

  3. If there was any famous person i could meet it’d definitely be hikaru, dude is a genius of course, but he also seems really interesting to talk to

  4. It's really fun watching these puzzles, however one thing that puzzled me, why would Hikaru not simply look at Knight to H4 at 24:01 ? (Had the computer played that move). As it would have discovered a check and allowed the queen to be picked up? Or am I blind and missing something?

  5. i dont watch a lot of chess, but man i couldnt continue after the 4th puzzle, i feel my brain will explode from thinking too much lol

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